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Breathe With Me - A Guide to Finding Peace in the Storm of Life


Patience Serenity Grove is in the Health and Wellness Industry. We specialize in Training & Development.

We Specialize in Personal BreathWork Mastery Training

PSG is your Virtual and Live Campus for Personal BreathWork Mastery Training. As a result of stepping onto this campus, online or live, Top Business Executives, Speakers, Leaders, Students, Unicorns, Gladiators, Change agents and Dreamers

*dealing with stress


*low self-esteem

*hurried living

*people-pleasing and


You will be educated on

  1. The Art, Technical Skill-set and Science of BreathWork
  2. The association of stress and your overall Health
  3. How to manage stress, manage your mindset, expand your thinking, eliminate unhealthy patterns and live happily.

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Breathe With Me


Aloha! Do you agree that Breath is Life? Yet, when life happens, we tend to forget how to breathe properly due to stress and anxiety.

The good news is that Breathwork is an on-the-go tool, free, it has no side effects and provides lots of benefits, including:

Activation of the prefrontal cortex of the brain- responsible for a person's will to live and personality. This gives one the ability to access a higher mental function, including increased reasoning skills, emotional control, and improved decision-making skills.

Deep breathing allows our center to relax, enables us to better connect with other people, communicate more clearly, and to remain focused—even in the darkest of scenarios. If we allow ourselves to open the door to proper breathing, and subsequently follow the principles of our physiology, we will not only increase our immediate physical and mental health but also our long-term well-being.

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Have you ever felt suffocated and desperate for air, like your chest is crushed with the Storms of Life? Are you rushed and stressed or simply anxious and overwhelmed?

See the effects of stress on your body in the slide show below:

Do you wish to be in a state of serenity no matter what is happening around you at work, home, school or in your relationship?

At PSG, we simply equip you with skill sets to engage your mind, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidney to restore your overall well-being. Your Wealth is YOU!


We will start with:

a. A thorough assessment of your breathing style and practical tools to supercharge your lung capacity
b. Access and utilize your Place of Peace
c. Stand at Ease
d. Improve your immune system
e. Transform negative emotions into positive vital life force

My Mind My Peace

Just like fertile soil will grow anything that we plant in it, and orange seed placed in a fertile soil will grow into a giant orange tree with delicious fruits. Likewise, when a poison ivy seed lands on a fertile soil, it quickly takes over. Our mind can be likened to fertile soil, it grows and multiplies anything it receives. It is believed that about 70,000 thoughts go through our minds per day.

Have you paused to take inventory of what you are feeding your mind?

Are you feeding it good, peaceful, praise-worthy and excellent thoughts? Or is it filled with negative thoughts from something someone said?

People say 'think positive thoughts' without necessarily showing you 'HOW- TO'. Sign up today to learn the simplified techniques needed to actually be happy on demand?


How long do coaching sessions last?

Your coaching sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.

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About Me

Patience Hemenway MS, International Bestselling Author and Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and ICF Certified Coach. As a survivor of the storms of life, mother, leader, and wife, Patience reached rock bottom as an immigrant, a single mother, grad student working 3 jobs, 2 miscarriages, being bullied, she has been stressed and burnt out. How did she stay calm in an ambulance when her only daughter nearly drowned and is unconscious while her husband just got discharged from a hip replacement surgery that same day? Patience has found out the secret tools successful leaders have used to overcome stress, anxiety and burnout.

With her background in science (MS Biotechnology), Patience utilizes the Point and Click technique to locate your organs, actualize them, smile to them and then reverse the effects of stress using proper breathing techniques. You will have the ability to INCREASE and MULTIPLY your ENERGY to be VERY PRODUCTIVE in all you do! I GUARANTEE THAT.

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"I felt very good after the session with Patience. Using her techniques of happiness on demand I was able to recall my happy place and felt happy for no reason. I choose joy."

Mickey-Business Owner

"The one-hour session with Patience at our Health and Wellness meeting was amazing, she kept us engaged and absorbed. The techniques she uses are practical and easy to follow."

Peter-Director of Operations

"I suffer from anxiety and work-related stress, this session helped me calm down and stay focused."

Anne-Customer Service Rep

"I felt very relaxed after my session with Patience, I was ready to tackle the rest of my workday."

Paul-Technical Support

"Patience is a great presenter and I will be using her techniques to improve my confidence."

Claudette-VP Sales and Services